Artwork Guide

What kind of artwork can I send? I don't have artwork?

Don't worry about anything. Just send us what you have. This is a very common situation for us and we understand that not everybody is a designer. We have a free no obligation art service for all genuine inquiries. Our professional designers are here to help.

Do you keep my artwork on file?

Yes. To ensure we can assist you easily in future. It allows us to understand your needs & make reordering easy.

What do I have to check on an artwork proof?

When our team sends you a design proof it's very important you check it carefully and ask if you have any concerns or questions prior to proceeding.

Is there anything else I have to take into consideration?

Many larger multi-national companies & also some smaller ones have official branding guidelines. This may include things called pantone colors & files in what's called vector format. If your organization has these it's import to provide them to us.