Digitally Printed Ties

Digitally Printed Ties

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Digitally printed ties are commonly manufactured for designs too detailed and intricate for weaving or even screen printing.

Photographic designs are a common example of when digital printing is required.

Digital printing is also very common in the fashion industry with famous brands that require the production of very elaborate designs.

The quality of digital printing has steadily progressed over the last decade & all the most famous Italian labels are now using this production method for necktie designs that are too complex to manufacture any other way.

Our digital printing is done on very new state of the art machinery and there is a noticeable difference side by side compared with other factories using older units. The highest quality inks are used.

Digital printing is commonly done on polyester and silk. While polyester is common in some cases a design can only be manufactured with acceptable clarity on fine silk. Our specialist production team will advise your options.


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